In Vivo Acoustic

A sound choice

Intensify your conference calls and music listening. Sound quality and spatialization combined.


With its wide perforated grille and its backlit, brushed aluminum button with which to adjust the volume with the tips of your fingers, our phone flaunts its acoustic and sensory qualities from the very moment you set your eyes on it.

Behind its discreet elegance lie 4 digital MEMS microphones placed around and in the middle of the console, which pick up the room’s soundscape in its entirety. Combined with 6 speakers, the resulting whole brings acoustic comfort unrivalled on any telephony product today.


Perception of a Loudspeaker sound

Traditional loudspeakers have a specific and well-known directivity pattern: they sound good in the front direction, and muffled at the back. Our brain is very used to such a specific way of sounding and we can immediately recognize, as well as localize, loudspeakers playing in a room.

In Vivo AcousticTM

In Vivo AcousticTM consists of specially designed arrays of 6 speakers, driven by powerful 3D algorithms. It’s the technology we developed to overcome the poor directivity of loudspeakers and control the way sounds are radiated in the room.

A consistent and natural sound

In Vivo AcousticTM patent pending sound processing technology makes you hear just the sound filling the room , not loudspeakers. It's as natural as a real person or instrument. Hands free telephony becomes more enjoyable and comfortable. You don't talk to a machine anymore. The person you are calling seems to be right next to you. Their voice is rich and clear, making the conversation more pleasant and improving the flow of exchange.

Immersive Soundscapes

But its not all. The speaker array, driven by the in Vivo acoustic engine, can produce sounds coming simultaneously from different directions in the room. 

- In hands free telephony, this allows to separate people of a conference call. In a 3 way conference with two remote callers, the phone will reproduce the two voices in two distinct auditory spaces: one on your left, the other on your right. As the human ear is very sensitive to sound localization, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to distinguish the two participants, even if their voices are similar to you beacause you’ve never met them and that they have a different accent to yours . Once again, you will get the impression that they are right next to you at your desk. The conversation becomes less strenuous and easier to follow, and you can focus on the task at hand without any distractions whatsoever.

- For music, in vivo acoustics allows a surprisingly wider stereo image.Left and right channel separation is very impressive, specially regarding the actual small dimension of the product. You’ll hardly notice the sound comes from the speakers. Throughout the room, enjoy an immersive listening experience, where each instrument is spatially isolated and distinctly heard.


Anechoic chamber approved.







To adjust the In Vivo Acoustic 3D algorithms, we measure the way our products produce and pick up sound in every direction. These three-dimensional measures are made in an anechoic chamber to avoid sound waves reflecting against the walls.


In handsfree mode, a conventional desktop phone doesn’t know from which direction sound will be emitted. Indeed, you can move around the phone, and several colleagues can be seated around your desk, and your phone must listen to the whole room, as it is fitted with an omnidirectional mic. Although this allows every person around the phone to be heard, it also captures all the background noise. The person or group you are calling is often disturbed by interference, such as the sound of the air con, or your colleagues whispering at another desk, or even your own typing as you take minutes of the meeting; sounds which the sensitive mic of a standard phone in speaker mode captures.

Thanks to the algorithms developed by our engineers, the 4 mics not only capture the acoustics of the room as a whole but also create a beam in the direction of the speaker, thereby eliminating all superfluous sounds and background noise. This is quite similar to what a soundman does by attaching a boom mic to a pole. Your voice is picked up more intensely, without you having to shout, and you are heard very clearly at the other end of the line.