Support - Audioffice

Whom should I contact for an issue on my Alcatel-Lucent 8115-8125 Audioffice?

To have some help, please contact your business partner.

Please precise for each new contact your device serial number or SN, it's wrtitten under your base.

Please also precise your device running firmware version, you'll find it on your smartphone Audioffice app into Settings (icon in the upper right corner of your Home screen)  and then in General.


How to assemble my Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice?


1. Insert the cable suitable to your smartphone into the matching cable adapter. Place it then in the special pocket of the receptacle.

2. Slide the cord into place through the interstices under the base.

3. Plug the USB connector to the left USB port at the rear of the device.

4. Insert the suitable adapter to your smartphone, or none if you use a case and/or your device doesn't fit. To connect a different model, please repeat steps 1 to 4.

The device is put together, connect it up to use it.     



How to place the cable in the cable adapter?

For Lightning cables:

Place the cable in the dedicated hole, the connector icon in front of you. Place the cable in the dedicated hole and fix it sliding it in the notch.

For 30 pin cables:

Place the cable in the dedicated hole, the connector icon in front of you. Place the cable in the dedicated hole and fix it sliding it in the notch.


For micro-USB cables:

Place the cable in the dedicated hole, the crumpled part facing you. Place the cable in the dedicated hole and fix it sliding it in the notch.



Is the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C and 5?

YES! The Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice is compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 and with previous iPhone versions too!

It is also perfectly compatible with all iPad generations and with Android (beta) devices too.


Is the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice compatible with Android?

Yes, the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice is compatible with Android devices!

Your Android smartphones may charge in the docking station and Android tablets can be placed in the tablet holder using the USB to micro USB connector.

The app will communicate with the device via Bluetooth.


The Audioffice application says "Non connected"

When the Audioffice app displays a "Non connected" message:

- Please make sure your smartphone/tablet is well connected via Bluetooth to your Audioffice. In your Bluetooth menu, the Audioffice must appear connected, the Bluetooth icon should appear in the upper part of your screen and for iOS devices, the Bluetooth battery icon too.

- If necessary, turn OFF and ON your Bluetooth.

- If the message remains, reboot your smartphone/tablet.

How to install / remove the tablet holder?

To install the tablet holder on the Audioffice, please check there is no connected cable, then place the notches and with a rotating motion push in the tablet holder:

Please note that installing the tablet holder this may push the volume button.

You may remove it once again with a rotating motion, without forcing.


What device can I use with the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice?
  •     Your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets docked or connected via USB or Bluetooth.
  •     Your computer : via USB !
  •     Your Alcatel-Lucent deskphone or any audio device with the jack 3.5 mm audio input at the back of the dock
What smartphones can be cradled?

You can cradle all smartphones - Android or iOS with our without adapter - that are at most 73mm long on the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice.

You cannot cradle any device on the Alcatel-Lucent 8115 Audioffice.


How to pair your Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice via Bluetooth?
  1.     Press on the volume button for an extended length of time until you hear a tone.
  2.     Go in the Bluetooth Settings menu of your smartphone or tablet. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled.
  3.     When your device is detected (it may take up to 30 seconds), “Audioffice” appears. Select it.
  4.     A tone will confirm the pairing.

The complete Bluetooth process pairing is available for download for all details.

What if I don’t have a Bluetooth device?

You can still connect to your Audioffice any audio device with an audio output thanks to the 3.5mm jack audio input at the back of the dock.

How should I place the Audioffice to benefit from the best sound quality?

To benefit from the best sound quality, please avoid placing any obstacles (cubersome objects and away from walls) within a range of 20 cm of the product sides.

Is the Alcatel-Lucent 8115-8125 Audioffice available with a handset?

Yes, the two devives have an optionnal USB handset.

The handset is supplied with a smart-holder.

The Audioffice handset is to be USB plugged at the rear of the device.

The smart-holder is to be placed on the base, with the hadnset on its top.

You can use the base as a unique speakerphone device or with the handset.




What is the Audioffice app used for?

The invoxia app is to be used with the Audioffice to:

- upgrade the device firmware

- access the sound settings

- send logs to understand and solve device failures





Updating your Audioffice.

The Audioffice is a smart device that can be updated:

You have two solutions:


1. Use a USB stick, follow this link  and go into the 8125-8115 section under "Phones".Download the last available firmware version. Save it in root of the USB stick, then insert the USB key into your Audioffice. The volume button led flashes during the updtae and is kept enlightened when the firmware is up-to-date. You may then turn the base off and on again.


2. If you have a iPhone, iPad, iPod touch you can benefit from the last improvements made, just download the Audioffice app, then go in the app, Settings > General > Check update.

To save data plan, we advise you to use a Wi-Fi connection during download. It may take a few minutes. During download, please do not undock your smartphone or USB-unplug your tablet.




Can I use a Bluetooth or USB headset with my Audioffice?

Here is the USB headset you may use at this time: Plantronics C325 UC: USB Corded handset.

For your information, Bluetooth headsets do not work with your Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice, the Bluetooth link is dedicated to the smartphone/tablet connectivity.


Sound optimisation advices for the USB slave mode use

You may connect your computer to your Audioffice with a USB to USB slave (Type B) cable, thus you'll benefit from the best possible sound improvements for your conversation or music listening on the Audioffice.

1. First, turn your Audioffice ON.

2. Connect the USB -USB slave cable to your Audioffice and computer.

3. From your invoxia app, in Setttings > Sounds. Choose the audio mode of your choice: "Music" or "Voice" depending on your needs.

4. You may then initiate your call or press play for your music, you'll benefit from the best possible sound for your specific need.


Use of your Audioffice for conversations and conferences.

To benefit from these features, you should have first paired your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth or connected your computer via USB.

  1.     Answering / ending a mobile call. To answer and end a mobile call with the speakerphone, just tap the volume button. You can also simply pick-up and hang-up the handset or even use directly your smartphone.
  2.     Answering / ending a voip app call (Bria, Skype ...). You should then pick-up and hang-up calls from your mobile phone screen.
Listening to your music on the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice.

You may listening to your music from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Samsung Galaxy easlily with a simple Bluetooth connection.

For other devices, if your phone/app supports the audio through Bluetooth (using the HFP and A2DP protocols) then playing your music or listening to any kind of audio is possible.

Given the large number of exiting smartphones/tablets and apps, we cannot give a detailed list per product for compatibility. Please check with your device manufacturer or app developer for more details.

A few tips to use your Audioffice for music listening.

You can control your music directly from the Audioffice, your iPhone, iPad or iPod docked/USB connected.

  •     One simple push on volume button is for Play or Pause.
  •     Double tap the volume button to go to next song.
  •     Triple tap to go back to the song opening or to the previous title.

For other devices, please interact from your app directly.

Adjust the volume.

In general, the volume button from the Audioffice adjusts the volume. Just adjust the volume of your smartphone or tablet as well for your Bluetooth music listening.

No sound?

If you do not have sound coming out of your Audioffice, please check the listed points below before contacting your business partner.


        For the Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice connected in Bluetooth:

- Make sure that your Audioffice is within Bluetooth wireless range (33 feet).

- Make sure your Audioffice is not paired to another device.


        For the Alcatel-Lucent 8115-8125 Audioffice connected via jack:

- Make sure your Alcatel-Lucent deskphone is in "External handsfee" mode.


        For the Alcatel-Lucent 8115-8125 Audioffice connected via USB:

- check your PC app configuration into audio settings and desactivate the echo-cancellation.